The Next Right Thing

The Next Right Thing for Right Now

It’s hard to know what to say right now. 

The Last Thing I Want to Do

The last thing I want to do is send everyone an email that says anything about COVID-19. I mean, for real, I don’t really need to know what Staples or Burger King or a rug cleaning company I haven’t used in more than five years is doing right now. But, YNAB is 100 percent focused on helping people reduce their financial stress, global crisis or not. This is what we do. 

I have spent the last sixteen years teaching people how to be in total control of their money. I know we can help. We so desperately want to help. 

There’s No Easy Salve for the Unknown

Of course, I say that knowing full-well that it doesn’t feel all that helpful right now. We are all hunkered down at home feeling scared for our families, scared for our futures, scared about what tomorrow will bring—and there is simply no easy salve for all the unknown. 

The whole world feels a little bit out of control. I promise that I won’t tell you a budget will fix all that. It won’t. But here is what I know: in seasons when I have had close to zero money and in seasons when I had plenty of money, my budget gave me a sense of control and peace of mind. 

Taking Control Provides Peace of Mind

Even if you can only control the little money you have and be proactive about stretching your dollars further than ever before, that is something you can do. That is positive action. That is a little slice of control. 

Even if you don’t want to face how much money you have (or do not have right now), getting in there and forcing yourself to prioritize and make a plan will feel better. 

Over the years I have talked to thousands of people about their money and their budgets, and no matter how different the circumstances or the challenges or the goals, the universal truth is taking control provides peace of mind. It might not fix everything overnight. And certainly not now. But it will help you make better decisions. It will help you do the next right thing.* 

Take One Step at a Time

And honestly, at this moment in time, that is what I’m trying to do. It’s really all any of us can do. The next right thing. And then the next right thing. One step at a time. 

I want you to have any peace of mind that is possible right now. If you are worried about money and don’t know where to start, we are here to help. I’m not trying to sell software or anything here, all of our educational resources (and there are a lot of them!) are completely free, global crisis or not. 

We have a team of wonderful teachers who run live workshops nearly every day. We have a couple foundational video courses. We have an active blog and a weekly podcast. Two new bootcamps are starting now (getting started and debt). Our social communities are full of active, engaged folks who love helping one another. If you want to learn how to be more in control of your money, we will absolutely help you do that. 

Know that we are here, walking through this for the first time, right alongside you, just trying to stay focused on the next right thing. 

*And it is impossible for me not to address the elephant in the room. Frozen 2 was a terrible movie, but The Next Right Thing is a great song and the sentiment holds true.

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