The Perfect Holiday Hangover Cure: You Need A Budget, The Book

Whether you’ve got a lot, or a little, ‘tis the season for money worries to bubble up.

If you’re plopped on the sofa in new jammies, sipping your brew from a new self-heating mug, and reading this blog post from a shiny, new device, I’d wager a guess that there’s also a new thought stirring in your head:

Maybe the egg nog and cookies aren’t completely to blame for your queasy stomach, and maybe, just maybe, it’s time to get serious about your cash. The holiday magic is fading—and you know what’s waiting—the tab.

You Need This Book!

If you need a burst of budgeting inspiration to cure your post-shopping blues, you’re in luck. You Need A Budget, Jesse’s new book, is hitting the shelves at bookstores near, far, and online, TODAY! (And it’s the last day to enter to win preorder bonuses—like an all-expenses paid trip to New York City to eat lunch with Jesse, or a sweet YNAB t-shirt!)

So, gather up the discarded wrapping paper and boxes, and clear away the cookies! You’ll want to make room on your coffee table for this book, a book that will pay for itself (many times over) with a wealth of inspiration and guidance about putting your money to work for you. Don’t just take our word for it.

Inside, Jesse offers:

  • A positive framework that helps you see money in a new, dare I say soothing, light.
  • A clear understanding of exactly how your budget will help you see (and access) so many more possibilities in your life.
  • Guilt-free spending habits—and why the right amount of ‘wiggle room’ is a very good thing!
  • Awareness that you’re not a failure if you have debt. It happens, and it’s bad for your budget … but you’re not bad.
  • Motivation to start, again, if you’ve fallen off of the wagon. We’ve all been there. Welcome back!
  • Peace and harmony around money, if you’re struggling to get on the same financial page as your spouse.
  • And even a way to talk to your kids about money—the way Jesse has learned to talk to his own kids—to help them truly appreciate the value of budgeting.

And best of all? This book won’t just make you feel good now, it’ll help you finally feel in control of your money for the long-term—which changes everything.

Get a Head Start
on Your Money Game for 2018

This time, next year, you don’t have to feel queasy (unless you hit the egg nog too hard!).

Whether you just need a budget brush-up, could use a serious pep-talk, or require a solid walk-through on YNAB’s method, you’re bound to enjoy this book. So grab your bookmark and get ready! You can now, officially, find You Need A Budget wherever you buy books!

P.S. All orders placed before the end of the day, December 26, 2017, qualify to enter our preorder raffle—but you have to enter today for a chance to win! Details here.