The Secret to Getting Ahead? Funding for the Future.

I want to talk today, not about this month, but about next month, and the next month after that. I want to talk about the idea of funding for the future.

Last week we talked about aging your money. How old, on average, was the dollar you just spent? When did you earn it? Age of Money is one measure to see how you are doing at-a-glance. You can game it, of course, like most things, and make it feel like you are getting ahead more than you really are.

But funding for the future is different. Funding for the future is actually getting ahead.

Think about how it might feel, if one day in the not-so-distant future, you sit down at a month, and you realize, “Holy smokes—this last month I funded the whole thing!”

You broke the paycheck to paycheck cycle. Your money is aging very, very well and your stress levels have dropped tremendously.

Here’s exactly how it works:


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