Use YNAB's Quick Tips to Save Time and Clicks

The more comfortable you feel with YNAB the software, the more likely you are to live YNAB the philosophy. The education team already serves up hundreds of knowledge base articles, video tutorials, and live classes. Erin and team have decided to add some lighter fare to the support menu: a steady series of 30 second (or so) tutorials to help you shave clicks off your YNAB work.

The Quick Tips’ beauty is their brevity; a one or two minute weekly investment will turn you into a YNAB ninja.

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Let’s kick things off with Tips 1 through 5:

1. Date shortcuts in your account register.

2. Customize column views in YNAB.

3. Spending by payee filter.

4. Using the down arrow to move through the budget

5. Customize Column Widths in YNAB.