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4 Feb 2014

Use Your iPhone with Ting!

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by Jesse Mecham

Woohoo! After a few months with the world’s most basic, junky Android smartphone*, I’m back on my iPhone. Apparently Ting and Sprint struck a deal to allow iPhone 4 and 4s users to move to Ting. My wife nearly cried with joy when I told her (she’d been such a good sport about the junky Android).

*No dig on Android. I know there are amazing Android devices; I just happened to get the cheapest model Ting offered; it came with a pretty spartan feature set. 

In more good news, yesterday Ting reduced data rates (big win for bigger data users):

And in even more good news, they’ve just launched an iOS app so I can keep track of usage on my phone:

Ting’s been a winner for me and Kate, and now I’ve converted Jesse and Chance. I’m sure commenters will chime in with other non-traditional smartphone plans, and I’m all for it. Whether you go with Ting or another option doesn’t matter much to me – I just hate the thought of YNABers losing money on over-priced phone plans.

*If you sign up for Ting through this link, YNAB receives a referral commission and you receive $25 in account credit. If you’re still under contract, they’ll give you account credit for up to 25% of your current provider’s early cancellation fee, up to $75 per device. I love these guys. 

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