Teach kids how to budget

Want to Teach Your Kids About Money?

Introducing: YNAB Kids With Ben & Kelly

With schools closed right now, a lot of you have your future budgeters hanging around at home with you. While you alternate between a color-coded learning schedule (loosely held) and “getting the wiggles out” (17x a day), we wanted to let you know about a new series we’re launching. 

We thought it might be a splendid time to launch a video series teaching YNAB kids about money. Our favorite bearded giant Ben and wise-sage money guru Kelly are here to teach, educate, and help your kids learn about this essential life skill.

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What: a YNAB video series to teach elementary school-aged kids about money

Where: the YNAB YouTube channel (subscribe to be notified when new videos are posted!)

When: Once a week, every Tuesday

Why: It’s never too early to learn!

What else: Every week, there’s an activity sheet to download, print, and color along with each episode. Plus, a follow-up episode from Hannah where we hear from real kids!


Each video is short—about five minutes each. We’re covering:

  • What is money?
  • How do we get money?
  • 3 things we have money for
  • Wants vs Needs
  • How do we make a plan for our money?
  • Where do we keep our money?
  • Why shouldn’t we spend all of our money?

Download the Coloring Sheet!