We are YNAB. Resistance is futile.

Had to share this great post from the forum:

On 3/15 I got my annual bonus. $1,386. Not life changing, but better than a sharp stick in the eye. Yay!

I’ve known since the first of the month how much my bonus was going to be, so I went ahead and put it in “expected income”, and budgeted it for a trip to Texas for a wedding next month. I know that’s bad YNAB form, but what could possibly go wrong?

On 3/13 the water heater started dripping.
On 3/14 the washing machine drain overflowed.
On 3/15 the house is full of plumbers.
total bill… $1,288

At this point I’m confused, and a little scared. A $1400 bonus the same day as a $1300 unexpected expense? This stuff doesn’t “just happen.” Obviously someone got to the plumbing and told it there was soon to be a little extra cash in the house. Was it YNAB? Punishment for me having an “expected income” account? I think it was YNAB.

Warning to all newbies… When YNAB says don’t budget money you don’t actually have, just obey. These people are all smiling and helpful and everything, but they have power you can’t possibly comprehend.

YNAB has the best users. 🙂

(And serious extra points for the Borg reference.)