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18 Jun 2013

We Need a Full-Time Javascript Front-End Developer

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by Jesse Mecham

Updated Feb 6, 2014: We found our guy! This posting is now closed.

About Us:

We’re a profitable, bootstrapped, growing company. We create beautiful personal finance software that’s changing how people think about their money. Our software is named “You Need a Budget”, but everyone just calls it “YNAB”. For years now, lots of people have been buying YNAB and then telling their friends how awesome it is. (Google us and you’ll see.) We’ve got desktop, iPhone, and Android apps. And we’re currently working on the iPad app.

Now we want a Web App

Our desktop software is great, but our customers would love to access YNAB on the web too. We’re already hard at work on our Rails-based REST API that will take care of the difficult stuff like occasionally-connected data synchronization between our various clients. So, much of the back end is covered. Now we want to write a Javascript app that does everything client-side, and uses the API to send the data back and forth. That architecture would have a lot of benefits, like letting us wrap it and deploy it on the desktop, or letting folks use the app even when they’re offline.

And that’s where you come in!

You’ve got significant experience architecting and building large, Javascript-centric web apps, and you’d like to work with us on a full time (40 hours/week) basis. If you’re international, your status would be as an independent contractor. If you’re stateside, you can be W2, or independent contractor as well. It’d be your call.

This app is going to be our bread and butter. As its lead architect, you will be laying the foundation for our web and desktop efforts for years to come. After reading that, you’re hopefully thinking, “Wow! Cool!” And then, if you’re really experienced, you’re probably thinking, “Oh, wow…that sounds like a lot of responsibility!” And you’d be right. But now you’re probably already back to thinking how much fun this is going to be…

You would be:

You’re the one we’re looking for if you:

“Now that you understand the constraints, how do you think we should go about writing this component?”

“Woah, looks like we have a bottleneck when we’re iterating over a few thousand transactions in this sample data file. Can you look into it?”

You get Bonus Points if:

Major-Triple-Gold-Star Bonus points if:

More about how we work:

We communicate on Skype, HipChat, Google Hangout, Basecamp, email, and occasionally real phones.

To apply:

1) What Javascript MVC framework(s) are you most familiar with?

2) What Javascript MVC framework(s) are you most excited about?

3) What aspect of Javascript trips you up the most, or what language feature do you most often wish it had? (If you are using a variant like CoffeeScript or TypeScript, you can answer with the aspect you were happiest to avoid or the feature you were happy to finally have.)

4) If you were interviewing a prospective Javascript expert to join our team, what one or two concepts would you ask about to make sure that the developer really understands the nuances of Javascript rather than only knowing how to Google, copy and paste. (There are plenty of good answers here. I’m trying to figure out what knowledge you value and believe can help identify the experts out there.)

5) Fork the following JSFiddle and follow the instructions:

Send us a link to your answer (your fork of the Fiddle)

Your Next Step

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