Will You Gain Your Independence?

Today the United States celebrates its day of independence. My thoughts naturally turn toward the great people that fought for this country’s freedom. We have so, so much to be thankful for.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have lived back during the time of the American Revolution. You can be certain that not everyone living in the colonies wanted to be free from British rule. I’m sure some were perfectly content living under the reign of the King. Others couldn’t bear it, couldn’t live with it, and eventually even gave their lives for it.

Two hundred plus years ago there were divisions among the American people regarding their declaration of independence. Was it the right move? Had they done the right thing? Those men that signed the Declaration were putting not just their livelihoods on the line, but their very lives. They believed that what they were doing was worth it.

The revolutionaries obviously faced fierce opposition from the British. But what about the opposition they faced on their very own turf? What about those people who were not just lukewarm toward the revolution, but were downright opposed to it? I personally think those were likely the most trying of situations for the revolutionaries – to have opposition from the inside.

Still, because they wanted it so badly, they fought for it – and eventually they got it. Independence. The work didn’t finish. The worrying didn’t finish. The Articles of Confederation didn’t make it. The Constituional Convention almost didn’t take place. Ratification was a stretch. But they made it.

I was sitting in the library of the University today doing some studying. My mind wandered away from the procedures required of a CPA when issuing a compilation report (it’s quite easy to let the mind wander from such things) and I just sat there thinking about all of the great people of this world that have done so many unbelievable things while staring opposition straight in the face. They had an enviable fire burning inside them that ignited them to act.

They took A C T I O N and accomplished amazing things.

Some were inspiring as they overcame what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles. Others had the ability to lead men to higher ground. In a way, great people show you how to gain independence over certain aspects of your life, whether it be spiritual, emotional, physical, and yes, even financial.

The greatest question to ask yourself (and ask it often) though:

“What will I do?”

From what will you gain your Independence this year? I find July 4th to be a great time to look back at the previous six months and assess where you have been, what you have accomplished, and where possible improvements need to be made. Standing in the middle of the year, you can then do an about-face and look toward what will come, what you will accomplish, what you will overcome, and where you will gain a little bit more freedom.

Freedom comes from continual empowerment. This empowerment is a product of consequence. Consequences are children of our actions. What actions will you take during the next six months that will empower you more than ever before? From what will you gain your independence? Even when the right choice is made, there is still opposition. I suppose nobody will today stand and say that the revolutionaries made an ill-advised decision. Of course not. But was there still opposition to their decision? Absolutely.

As you begin making the right decision about certain aspects of your life, you too will face opposition. That does not mean you should stop. That does not mean the decision wasn’t right. If anything, it seems that good choices are followed by tough situations. Keep a steady hand and a hopeful heart that the areas of your life where you’re focusing will improve. You must take action to change.

You must take action.

Happy Independence Day.