Win a YNAB T-shirt...or a Retina Display iPad Mini

ynab-teeJesse has tasked me with creating an annual YNAB Report that shares, in as much detail as possible, how YNABers are YNABing and how it’s impacting your life.

To kick off the project, the team has put a survey together. We’re calling it the YNAB User Deep Dive.

Filling out the survey helps you and helps us. How does it help you?

  • It gives you an opportunity to explore your own use of the software and method, likely re-energizing you to work with your budget and accelerate your financial progress.
  • It lets you “compare notes” with thousands of other YNAB users, seeing how their lives, YNAB usage, and finances are similar to – and different from – yours.
  • It gets your name in a drawing for one of 25 YNAB T-shirts we’re giving away and a chance to win a shiny new Retina Display iPad Mini.

How does it help us? It gives us a deeper understanding of the community. For example, based on the 1,400+ responses we’ve had since the survey went out in this morning’s newsletter, I’ve already learned that 48% of you typically enter your transactions manually in the desktop app. 42% open YNAB on your desktop at least daily, and one fourth of that group never closes YNAB! (I’m in that group.) Pretty interesting, right?

So head over the survey and spend a few minutes learning about yourself, your finances, and your YNAB usage. You’ll be better off for having gone through the exercise, and maybe you score one of the cool prizes.

Thanks for being part of the YNAB community!

Click here to take the survey.