YNAB + Alexa = Real Money Talk

Do you wish your finances would shape up? Just talk to them.

Sometimes it’s the details that can really derail your budget, amiright? Like, when you’re elbow-deep in a sink full of dishes, and your teenager asks if she can join friends at the movies. You quickly agree and, oops, it’ll have to go on the credit card.

Or, you’re halfway done painting the spare room (and halfway covered in paint) when hunger strikes. You scram to the nearest drive-through—this calls for large fries and a milkshake—but decide not to record the transaction with your greasy, paint-covered fingers. And then you forget!

Record Scratch

What if, instead of acting impulsively, you’d asked YNAB, “How much is budgeted for Entertainment?”

Or told YNAB to record your lunch: “Log $8.54 in Eating Out from checking.”

Well, if you’re an Alexa owner, you can! Here’s how it works:

Start the Conversation, Now!

Control of your money is the ultimate goal. With the YNAB ecosystem (apps for web, iOS, Android and voice), you’ll never have to wonder if you’re spending within budget. When in doubt, just ask!

YNAB is available to Alexa devices in Australia, Canada, U.K. and U.S. For help linking your YNAB account to Alexa, click here.