YNAB and Your Kids' Perception of Money (a YNAB Success Story)

Karen wrote in a bit ago with the following fantastic story:

My family has been using YNAB for the last 3 months and the changes we’ve seen are phenomenal! I thought it would just help us to get on track and save some money. I never thought it would be such a wonderful tool for teaching our children the true value of stewardship. Our family budget is known and understood by all 6 family members- mom, dad, and four girls ranging in age from 16 to 8. We go over everything with the children so they understand how much there is to start with and where it all goes. I wanted to share with you some of the fruits of that…

1. The kids wanted to donate to the [removed] fund and chose to take 20% from our “fun money” in the budget. (a movie ticket)

2. All four girls gave up their allowances for one week to give to the [remove] research fund. (not a lot of money but a lot of sacrifice)

3. Each of my girls has a budget of 50.00 for new clothing this fall. We live in an area where most of the kids are wearing sweatshirts from the mall that cost that much! My girls scoured for the best deals and focused on needs as opposed to wants. My 8 year old made it to the checkout and was 12.00 over budget and promptly stopped the clerk and asked if she could remove some items. She then turned to me with a great big smile and said, “I did it mom! $48.48! I’m under budget!” The clerk was hugely impressed.

As am I!

Just imagine how this education will pay off for the kids down the road.