YNAB for iPhone Lite -- Rejected & Re-Submitted

We received notice this morning that the YNAB for iPhone Lite app was rejected because the reviewers needed to be given a test Dropbox account. We set that all up for them and re-submitted immediately.

Since the update to the current iPhone app is still “Waiting for Review,” we update the Reviewer Instructions there as well, hopefully avoiding another round trip with the reviewers.

We’re now back and “Waiting for Review” with both apps. We’re going to request an expedited review again in a few moments. We’re told the clock doesn’t reset if you just update your application’s metadata (which is all we’ve had to do so far), but there was still a nine-day delay between re-submitting the Lite app and having it go to review again. So who knows how long this wait will take.

Here’s hoping there’s only good news going forward.