YNAB for iPhone Status Update (Full App Rejected Again)

The good news is that YNAB Lite has been in the wild since Friday evening.  Over the past 2-3 weeks, while waiting for the review, we’ve been fixing bugs and doing little tweaks to YNAB Lite. So we were ready to immediately submit 2.0.1, which is now Waiting for Review.

There was one crash that caught us off guard, and were able to update the Desktop App to handle that. It was on the phone’s side of things, but since we don’t have to wait for Apple approval on our own desktop release, we were able to get that out quick. If you’re experiencing a crash on sync, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of YNAB 4 (you can do that by going to Help -> Check for Updates in YNAB 4).

The exact timing of things with YNAB for iPhone (Full) over the weekend is murky for me. I believe Saturday morning we found out it was rejected because we include links to YouNeedABudget.com, where someone could purchase our desktop software.  Our links were there to let people know that the iPhone app REQUIRES a $60 purchase of Desktop software, and here’s where you find more… we pulled those links.

We also had a link to our support page in the app, but pulled that to be safe.

Some of you more familiar with Apple’s policies probably know that they don’t like you shuttling iPhone users away to purchase directly from you.

We were surprised to fail the review in this regard, since we’ve included links to the YNAB site from Day One of being in the App Store (and featured, no less!).

We’re also very grateful that the Lite app made it through, considering it has the same links that the Full version has.

So on Saturday we submitted a new binary. We had to submit the new binary to be able to pull out the links. This means we start at the back of the line with the full app. On the plus side, all of the little fixes we’ve made to the app since it was originally submitted for review are now included in the new binary.

We’re sorry it’s taking so long to get the Full version in everyone’s hands — especially those that have already purchased and are simply waiting to get it as a free upgrade!

YNAB Lite is a fine stopgap until the Full app is released. It lets you check your budget balances on the go, and record transactions at the point of sale. It will definitely help you stay up to date on your budget and make sure you stay aware of your goals. It’s a fine app 🙂

(To clarify, the differences between Lite and Full are that the Full version: has an accounts view, allows wi-fi sync, category favorites, and my favorite: geo-aware payees, where when you go to add a new transaction, it recognizes you’re probably standing in Home Depot, and pre-fills the payee to Home Depot, and categorizes the transaction to whatever category was last used by Home Depot; you end up entering the Amount and hitting ‘save.’ Unless you have a dozen accounts, in which case I don’t envy you for so many other reasons :))