YNAB for iPhone Still Delayed

5:06 PM MDT July 4, 2012 >> The Lite version has moved to “In Review”

If you want the whole spiel, with 400+ comments (and my answers to a lot of questions), you can read the original status update.

This is for those people that read the blog via RSS and don’t want to manually go back and check the blog.

Both YNAB for iPhone and YNAB for iPhone Lite are still “Waiting for Review.” They were submitted originally on June 15.

We received a rejection for YNAB for iPhone late on June 25th telling us that we couldn’t include a 30-day moneyback guarantee in our app description. We immediately pulled it and resubmitted with new metadata. According to Apple, the submission did not put us to the back of the line because no new binary was required.

That same day, late in the evening, we received a rejection for YNAB for iPhone Lite, telling us we needed to include a video demoing the Cloud Sync feature. We made a quick video, uploaded it to YouTube, and shared the video link in our reviewer instructions. We also made a second video demoing YNAB for iPhone and included that in its reviewer instructions (just in case the reviewer asked for that later, we didn’t want to delay the process by having to make another round trip).

It’s now July 1 and both apps are still sitting at Waiting for Review. We are guessing Apple is simply backlogged and that it’s not something fundamentally wrong with the apps. This guess stems from the fact that the apps aren’t sitting for a long time in the review process, but rather waiting in line for the scrutiny.

We have no best guess for when they’ll be approved. Our best guess (based on Apple’s reporting) was that we had a 98% chance of approval in five business days. We now can no longer venture any guess at all. In our experience, this is unprecedented.

We apologize for the delay of the iPhone’s availability.