YNAB is hiring another designer. Is it you?


About Us:

We’re a profitable, bootstrapped, growing company. Our marketing, message, and manifesto is centered around our friendly approach to teaching our Four Rule Method. We sell beautiful personal finance software to help people implement the Method. We’re called “You Need a Budget”, but everyone just calls us “YNAB” (pronounced “why-nab” …because everyone’s so busy). For years now, lots of people have been buying YNAB and then telling their friends how awesome it is. (Google us and you’ll see.) We’ve got a desktop app, an iPhone app, and an Android app. (We’re working on the iPad app). We’re making peoples’ lives better and are having fun doing it.

You’ll fit right in at YNAB if you like our cultural manifesto:

We think it’s important to be helpful and teach one another. You know, lend a helping hand, and look to ease a friend’s burden. When you’re friendly,I guess it means that you take an interest in others, and tend to listen more than you talk. If you (gasp!) change your mind, we think that’s cool, because…well, there’s nothing wrong with changing your mind. When speaking of others be kind. Is what you’re about to say true, kind, and necessary? We love confidently humble people who are proud of their craft, and stay humble so they don’t stop learning. You know what makes life great? You assume good intentions, and give others the benefit of the doubt. Even then, you may still disagree—a healthy problem to have between two people that listen, and then listen more. And my heavens, if you have a sense of humo(u)r, we want you around (because you’re hilarious).

But now our sole designer needs your help.

Adam is our sole designer and Chief Product Officer. He’s helped us craft and execute on the brand we have today, designed every single screen you see on all three of our clients, designed (and built, and maintained) our website, designed and consulted on our slide decks used in our live classes, designed our cool YNAB swag, provided design direction and assets for our YouTube content, and podcast, designed a phenomenal print workbook to accompany our software, and crafted dozens of advertising banners.

With all of that being said, I know I’ve forgotten half of what he’s done these past three years. Just writing that made me pretty tired.

And that’s where you come in!

You’re an experienced designer who would like to work with us on a full time (40 hours/week) basis. If you’re international, your status would be as an independent contractor. If you’re stateside, you can be a W2, or independent contractor as well. It’d be your call.

You would be helping Adam wherever your skills and enthusiasm align. If your skills are more product-centric, you’d help with prototyping and visual design of our apps. If your skills are more marketing-centric, you’d be helping design website pages, ads, slide decks and more. Either way, you’d have a lot of opportunity to shape your own role, and the future of YNAB.

You’re the one we’re looking for if you:

  • You have strong knowledge of user experience design, information architecture, and interaction design.
  • You are passionate about design and great user experiences.
  • You understand that “good” design means “effective” design.
  • You have the flexibility and agility to iterate or change design direction based on external feedback.
  • You work well in a collaborative team environment but can also work independently.
  • You are a life-long learner, continuously seeking to improve your craft.

You get Bonus Points if:

  • You live anywhere remotely close to California, Utah, or Texas. (That makes it easier for us to get together on a regular basis).
  • You build stuff too. Not just pixels.
  • You have a formal design background, with a beyond-basic knowledge of typography & grid systems.
  • You have animation prototyping skills (Flash, After Effects, etc.)

Major-Triple-Gold-Star Bonus points if:

You already use and love YNAB.

More about how we work:

  • We all work from home. We don’t track time, but we do get stuff done. If this is your first “at home” gig, let’s talk. We were nervous too when we made the shift out of an office.
  • We like to use “the best tool for the job”, and here’s a sampling of what we use now:
    • We communicate on Skype, HipChat, Google Hangout, Basecamp, email, and occasionally real phones.
    • We use Github for source control.
  • We meet each other in person sometimes to work on big tasks or get started on large projects. (We like each other, so this part is fun). We’d do that with you too to get everyone up to speed quickly.
  • We don’t track vacation, but we believe it’s good for you to take some, and think you know best when a vacation is needed!
  • We’re profitable, and we wouldn’t hire you if we weren’t. We’re in this for the long haul.
  • We budget for the business like we do in our personal lives. We’ve been saving up to hire you, so if we stopped making money tomorrow, we could pay everyone for a good long while.
  • We’ve got 27 part- or full-time employees.
  • We make a huge, positive difference in people’s lives.
  • We have a 401k where we contribute 3% of your salary and it vests immediately (W2 employees only).
  • We don’t provide health insurance, because we’d rather have everyone shop around and settle on a plan that fits their specific needs.
  • When you do cool things, we pay you a bonus. Unfortunately, there’s no 30-page document describing our bonus system.
  • We are bootstrapped. Initial funding was $63 for AdWords. We’re really glad AdWords used to be inexpensive.
  • We give birthday and Christmas gifts.
  • We’ll give you YNAB Swag (that you’ll probably design).

To apply:

  • Your cover letter can be your email. No need to send something separate.
  • Send your resume in PDF form.
  • A link to your portfolio(s)
  • Please include links to things you’ve designed, and describe your role.
  • Include “Let’s design something” in the subject line of your email. If you don’t, we won’t read your email.
  • Applications should go to: [email protected]pplications.recruiterbox.com
  • *Note: The deadline for applications is Friday, May 16th at midnight.