YNAB provides money control and awareness

I love hearing YNAB success stories, so I recently put out a call out to the YNAB forum community asking for people to share theirs. 

I received a whopping 40 responses. (You can read the thread here if you have a forum login and feel like being inspired.) Rather than share one or two in their entirety — which is all I’d have room for here — I decided to focus on what kept cropping up in one response after another: the ideas of control and awareness.


  • “What YNAB has allowed us to do is see where we were and see where we can go. … YNAB has been amazing in helping ease the anxiety of being controlled by money. We can make decisions and know the exact impact it has on our finances.”
  • YNAB “showed us the areas we could cut … without too much pain, just by being smarter. It made me aware of my finances and saved me fees. … We’re not wasting money on things that aren’t priorities now that we can see it add up. … I don’t stress about money anymore.”
  • “Basically, YNAB created order where none previously existed. And with that organization came clarity.”
  • “What was the biggest change? My mindset. I am determined to live within my budget. I check my categories before I spend a dime. Every purchase is now done with knowledge and consideration.”
  • “Since using [YNAB], I am more aware of what I spend and have definitely cut back on frivolous coffees and so on, but I can still allocate a portion of money to eating out or buying a pair of shoes and not feel guilty.”
  • “Knowing where our money is going and giving every dollar a job has completely changed our outlook.”
  • “We’ve made some sacrifices, scaled back on some things, but what’s made the biggest difference is being able to use a ‘fine-tooth comb’ to look at all of our expenses and make informed decisions.”
  • “Overall I feel a lot more in control as we have a broad view and an intimate view of how things are going. The control is the key thing for me to stay motivated and less anxious.”
  • “YNAB speaks the truth in ways that my spreadsheets and Quicken never did for me.”
  • YNAB “gave me clear sight as to what I was paying for and hence whether or not I really wanted to pay for it. … I feel like a driver and not a passenger in my financial life.”
  • “My stress is much lower because for the first time I feel like I’m in control of my finances, not the other way around.”
  • “I’m pretty good at the head-in-the-sand thing. … With YNAB, I traded in the stress of not knowing for the stress of knowing, and I much prefer the latter!”

Another recurring theme throughout the success stories thread had to do with YNAB and relationships (always a popular topic!). I’ll share some of those quotes in my next post.