YNAB, the Book: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

For a gift they’ll never forget, why not go with a classic? A lifetime supply of financial peace.

Have you heard the exciting news? You Need A Budget is a book! Yep, now, in addition to YNAB’s award-winning software and proven, four-step method, you can get your hands on a copy of our very best thinking in book form—a book that can help your friends and loved ones when you give it to them … in present form.

Spread the Budgeting Cheer

Everyone knows that there’s no better gift than a book (you can open it, again and again!). But this book? Well, it’s filled with inspiration and practical advice that has helped thousands of people completely change their lives for the better. And it’s a fun read, to boot.

Inside, Jesse offers:

  • A positive framework that helps you see money in a new, dare I say soothing, light.
  • A clear understanding of exactly how your budget will help you see (and access) so many more possibilities in your life.
  • Guilt-free spending habits—and why the right amount of ‘wiggle room’ is a very good thing!
  • Awareness that you’re not a failure if you have debt. It happens, and it’s bad for your budget … but you are not bad.
  • Motivation to start, again, if you’ve fallen off of the wagon. We’ve all been there. Welcome back!
  • Peace and harmony around money, if you’re struggling to get on the same financial page as your spouse.
  • And even a way to talk to your kids about money—the way I’ve learned to talk to my own kids—that helps them truly appreciate the value of budgeting.

Imagine giving a gift that will leave a lifelong impact—security, stability and financial freedom—for the recipient. That’s what this book is all about. And it hits the streets on December 26th. To make it easy to gift in style, we’ve created this gift card for those of you who need to deliver your present before the books are available.

Click here to download

And, You’re Gonna Wanna Preorder …

When you preorder before December 26th, you’ll (yule?) qualify to enter our raffle. Enter for your chance to score an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City to have lunch with Jesse! We’re also giving away YNAB t-shirts … get the full details here.

This year, try something new. They’ll forget all about that fancy water bottle or restaurant gift card by February. But this? They’ll have enough cash to buy seven fancy water bottles within a month! Happy gifting.