YNAB Webinar Woes

Hey there folks,

It’s been a somewhat challenging couple of days for YNAB Webinars, so I thought I’d post an update so people know what happened.

I had two classes scheduled Wednesday evening. About 15 minutes before the start time, severe thunderstorms rolled through my area of Maine. I was able to warn those who’d signed in before class started that the weather was bad and I might lose power, but that was only about a dozen people. At 7:30PM EDT, promptly at the start of class, my power went out. It was out for 10 hours. It was frustrating to know people were waiting for me not knowing why I wasn’t there.

The weather was beautiful Thursday so I thought things would be fine. But about half way through my first class last night, my internet went down. It turned out to be a service disruption to the entire area.

Everyone involved should have been notified by now, but in case you weren’t, please accept my apology. I don’t want anyone to think that’s how we do business around here. If I’m not at a webinar, it’s because it’s completely out of my control. But I still feel awful that people were waiting and probably confused as to what happened.

The Wednesday night classes were rescheduled for Monday and registration is posted on the coaching page. I’ll reschedule the other ones when I do the August schedule in a few days.

Please register again if you were registered before, and feel free to join us even if you weren’t signed up. This was a very unusual occurrence and hopefully things will go just fine from this point forward.

Thanks for your understanding.

YNAB Coach