YNAB's Roadmap

I hesitate to write this, because roadmaps change. There have been more and more questions over at the forums surrounding where we’re headed, what’s coming, why it’s quiet, etc…so I wanted to write up a bit of a roadmap. Inspired by a forum post I wrote last week.

Yes. I inspired myself. 😉

Where is YNAB Headed for the Next Five Years?

We’re headed to a place where the device you’re using doesn’t really matter, but the budget does. We’re headed to a place where you can check your budget, record your transactions, and make adjustments in any number of ways. Some of those ways haven’t yet been imagined by the team.

What’s Coming?

At this point it’s probably fairly obvious that we have been working on Cloud Sync for about 20 years. It has required a gutting of our data model. It’s something we’re extremely proud of, and we are way more anxious to get it out the door than you are to get it. Trust us.

Some of you may have deduced that we’re also working hard on the Android platform, having just hired a full-time developer (say hi to Dorian, if you get a chance).

Why is it so Quiet?

Because we’re devoting everything we can to this next release. We don’t want to release something half-baked or premature. It’s not quiet because we’re not developing. It’s quiet because we are developing. A lot.

Faster Faster Faster!

I’ll admit that I’m not the swashbuckling entrepreneur some might like me to be. I’m methodical and s-l-o-w. Hiring (fast) scares the heck out of me. I was at the park Saturday and ran into a guy that’s working for a startup here in the valley (not the Silicon kind, the Utah kind). He’s been with the company two months and they’ve gone from 30 to 50 employees. Wha?!

That type of growth would give me a panic attack. And here I thought we were growing fast.

There are three reasons hiring fast scares me:

  1. The person hired is now relying on YNAB for their livelihood. Yes, I know that’s capitalism and everyone can find other jobs…but it doesn’t make it any less scary for me.
  2. It could radically change our culture. This actually scares me more than the first.
  3. It usually requires funding. Funding scares me for a whole other slew of reasons. It’s a non-starter for me.

I’m getting better at going faster, so be patient in that regard 🙂 Setting up YNAB in YNAB has actually helped me hire faster. As a result of doing that exercise, we hired two new full-time developers and we have plans for several more in the next few months. I talked about that in last week’s podcast quite a bit).


I do feel that we’re on the edge of something. I feel like there’s a lot of pent-up excitement that’s bottlenecked with our development. I’m hopeful you’ll like it.