You Don't Need Our Software

Can I let you in on a little secret? You don’t need our software.

Is it the best out there? We think so.

Will it help you? Absolutely.

Do you need it to budget well? Not necessarily.

But what you do need are our Four Rules. And they are free.

We love to teach people to use the Four Rules and completely change the way they think about money.

Budgeting is really not all that complicated, but it can be a pretty dramatic shift in perspective. What you don’t know, you don’t know. And some of what you have learned about money might actually be getting in your way And that’s OK. Because we can—and want to!—teach you the Four Rules that will change everything.

Whether you’re just getting started, ready to dive in a little deeper, or just want to stay motivated, we’ve got you covered:

We Offer Free, Daily Online Classes!

The thing about money is, for most of us, no one ever taught us anything useful. We have some catching up to do! Spend a half hour with one of our teachers and they will break it down for you. They’ll make getting started seem step-by-step simple. (We also have a class devoted to credit cards. Because credit cards.)

This Just In—We Do Hands-On Workshops!

This is new for us, but we’ve listened to your feedback and we are taking classes to the next level! Presenting our new, live workshops! These smaller classes are designed around more focused topics, and allow time for you to ask questions and get hands-on help. You’ll get direct answers from our expert teachers and learn from hearing the questions (and answers!) of others. Whatever your issue, there is likely a workshop designed for you—sign up today:

Aggressive Debt Pay Down Strategies | Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle | Budgeting for Busy People | Budgeting on the Edge | Is Food Eating Your Budget? | Address Your Overspending | Savings | Your Unique Pay Cycle

We Have A Podcast!

Every Monday, you can catch Jesse on the podcast (creatively named You Need A Budget). It’s usually pretty short—just a couple minutes—easy to digest, great to get your wheels turning. Jesse has yet to run out of something to say.

We Post Weekly Videos!

Every Wednesday, we post a quick video, where Jesse goes a little bit deeper. Much like the podcast, Whiteboard Wednesdays, offer up bite-sized inspiration to keep you going. Sometimes you will learn something altogether new, or be asked to think about something you never considered, or maybe you’ll just be encouraged to stick with it—either way, good for your bottom line!

We Will Support You Emotionally!

Sure our support team can answer all your technical questions, but they can also offer very practical coaching and help. Trying to figure out whether to pay off your debt or save more? Our support team has so many thoughts about this! Figuring things out and need help making a fresh start? Our support team will walk you through it—in fact, they might even make you a personalized video to ensure it’s crystal clear. We are here to help.

And our users tend to have a similar attitude. We had absolutely nothing to do with it, but a YNAB subreddit popped up and it is full of super smart, helpful YNABers. And there are several Facebook groups (at least several that we know about!), like the YNAB (You Need A Budget!) Fans! group, that are full of users helping users. It’s so great. We have the best users.

The point being if you want to learn to budget and stop stressing about your money, the YNAB community can teach you how. If you don’t want to buy our software that is OK, but learn to be in control of your money. And if our Four Rules and free resources can help you do that, we consider it a win.

Of course, our software is pretty awesome and you can try it for free for 34-days, just saying…