You want us to do WHAT?

Oh…THAT. We already do THAT.

Jesse put out a survey near the beginning of 2012 that included the question “What should we START doing?” This details SOME of the things that people asked us to start doing that we already do. While these aren’t the items with the most requests, they are the easiest to answer. We realize that if even a few people asked us to do these things, there are many more people who are also unaware that we already do these things. There may be later installments for the things that take more detailed explanations. We’ll call these some quick wins out of the gate. I’m going to make it a nice even 10 (except I’m going to cheat a little).

1. You should start a blog.

Here’s the link to the blog. You might be reading this there right now. There were a few people who lost bookmarks to stuff when the YNAB website was re-vamped back in December. Some things did move, but it’s available at the top of most pages of the site.

2. You should start a podcast.

Jesse started a podcast towards the end of last year. You can find it here. Or you can search iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

3. You should make an iPhone app. You should make an Android app.

We’ve got BOTH iPhone and Android apps! Information about them can be found here.Some people knew about the apps but had certain items that they wanted to request. I’ll mention one here:Split transactions are not yet available on the Android app, but they ARE available on the iPhone app. I must admit that I need to think about it when it comes time to do one. I tend to start my iPhone entries by choosing the Budget button, and you can’t get to a split from there (because by nature of choosing a category, you’ve bypassed that option). However, if you choose Add a Transaction or the Accounts button, when you tap the Category field there will be the split icon at the top of the screen.

4. You should include a calculator in YNAB.

While some people specifically asked for a free-floating full calculator that they could call up at anytime in YNAB, it was evident on at least a few of the requests that people weren’t aware that YNAB already has a calculator built into any cell you can type money into.In the Budget, in the Budgeted cell, there’s a handle that shows up when you click in the cell and one of the options on that handle is a calculator. In an Account Register, when you click in an outflow or inflow cell, a calculator shows to the left or right. You can also just start typing operations + – * or / will call it up in any of those cells.As far as a calculator that’s not tied to a cell, I was going to give instructions about how to get the calculator into your dock on a Mac and find out how to do it in Windows. But when I was asking Windows advice I got even better advice for a general calculator: type what you want into Google. It works! And it’s always good to know OS neutral ways to go. (Thanks Ian.)

5. You should give us a place to type notes in the budget.

There are several places you can type notes in the budget: on each Master Category, each Sub Category, and within each month on each Sub Category. Don’t forget that you can also put little things into the category titles like due dates, the amount you want to budget each month, the total your saving for, or a minimum payment amount. I know people who put a combination of a few of these things into category titles. Check out the various tutorials on category organization and manipulation about half way down the page.

6. You should give us a way to change how many months show on the Budget screen.

The number of months that are displayed on the Budget screen is determined by the size of your window and therefore to some degree by the size of your monitor. Drag to make the window bigger or smaller, as is possible by your monitor size.

7. You should make a printed manual.

There is a full manual online. If you’d like to print it, it’s there for the taking.If it was not the software that you wanted the book for, but rather the method, we’ve got another book you’re welcome to as well.On a somewhat related note, for those who said we should ship disks in case your computer crashes, you can easily re-download the software at any time from our website.

8. You should give us a…

…way to have YNAB tell us when we’ve not put a category where we need one.

(Error Checking)…way to tell whether we want YNAB to open downloads or if we want some other software to do so. (Download Preferences)…way to easily reorder items in the account register and the scheduler.

(Sorting Transactions)

Note: In the scheduler, you have to click on the column headings to sort.…column for check numbers or to indicate Direct Debit, ATM and so on.

(Choose Columns)

9. You should give us a way to have YNAB with us on the go.

There are a few things wrapped in there that different people may or may not have meant. It’s not an exhaustive list, but let me give you a few options:A great way to have your categories with you on the go is with the iPhone or Android app. We’ve got those.In the absence of one of those two smartphones, there are other ways to keep your category balances with you on the go so that you can use those to inform your spending decisions. The low tech way is to use the Print To PDF feature under the File menu. You can then print your budget and take it with you. If you don’t want your whole budget, because generally there are only a few categories you need to worry about on the go, you can do a screen print of that part of the budget and just print what you need. Of course lower-tech still would be to write them on a card and keep it in your wallet, and sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.A medium tech solution, if you have access to email but can’t get one of our mobile apps, would be to email the pdf or screen shots mentioned above. I used to email my husband a screen shot from my iphone app of the favorites since those were all the categories he’d need to worry about on the go. Now I’ve finally got the app on his phone so it’s unnecessary, but it worked well for a long time. He could just text or email me upon spending. Usually. (Okay, sometimes).

10. You should give us a way to use YNAB on different computers. You should give us a way to share YNAB file among family members.

There is a help article that can help you with all aspects of this.