Your Key to Successful Dieting (and Money)

Sunday evening Julie and I both committed to using FitDay–every day–to record everything we eat. My hope is that I can make this a habit, though I honestly didn’t do everything I needed to do to make it an instantaneous habit.

Is FitDay some magical solution that will make it so french fries aren’t so enticing? Am I going to be able to resist the irresistible [ ___________ ] (insert any pie, doughnut, cookie, milkshake, etc.) because FitDay has some great new features and a redesigned user interface (they do, it’s nice)?

I’m not sure. Though yesterday I found it quite easy to resist things I would have eaten without question just two days before… but for the moment I’m chalking that up to the excitement of starting a new thing. Wouldn’t want to quit on the first day, you know?

If using FitDay is anything like using YNAB (or even my original recording device, the handy 8×11 piece of paper) then I have a bit of a prediction to make. I predict that:

  • I will have an easier time choosing good foods to eat.
  • Have an easier time limiting the amount of food I eat.
  • My motivation will last longer, because I’ll have a record.

If you’re not seeing the parallels between FitDay and any type of software that lets you track your spending… 🙂

Recording what you spend will help you choose to spend your money on things you truly value — the good things. Recording your spending will help you limit your overall spending (this is where the ‘It feels like I got a raise!’ magic happens). Finally, when you’re recording what you spend you’re creating a record that will serve as motivation for you to keep plugging along.

So I’ll keep everyone posted on how it goes. My goal is to gain 11 pounds by the end of March 2009. So I’ll have to lose a bit of fat and gain a bit of muscle to make that happen. It feels nice to have a concrete goal, and I have a plan on how I’m going to get there. Just need to follow the plan by doing the every day types of things.