5 Budgeting Articles to Refresh Your Knowledge, Smooth Your Workflow, and Reduce Your Stress

The couple dozen budgets I’ve reviewed have shown me that life can complicate budgeting. In the course of writing the reviews, I’ve found myself going back into YNAB’s support archive to make sure I’m giving sound budgeting advice. The support articles are a treasure trove of tips to make your money management easy with YNAB.

Here are sections of the support archive that will tune up your budgeting workflow:

1. Getting Started with Four Steps

Enter your income, budget your income, follow your budget. Sounds easy enough, but this article gives a great refresher on your fundamental budgeting workflow. Once you’re clear on how each of these steps keeps your budget accurate and up to date, move on to…

2. Handling Transactions and Transfers

What’s the difference between a transaction and a transfer? How do I record different types of income? What about reimbursements? Split transactions?

Correctly recording transactions can really throw people off. Use this series of lessons to make sure you know exactly how to get and keep accurate data into your budget.

3. Handling Credit Cards in YNAB

I have yet to review a budget where the budgeter didn’t use credit cards, and most of them have had a balance on a card. Managing credit card balances, payments, interest and fees is (at the moment), the trickiest part of using YNAB. Watch this quick 19-minute video to gain perfect clarity on how to manage your plastic with YNAB.

4. Rule 3: Rolling with the Punches

Everyone overspends. Everyone. Use this article to make sure you know how to manage normal overspending to keep your budget accurate.

5. Making a Fresh Start

Sometimes the wheels just come off – you stop recording transactions, your credit card situation makes a total mess of your budget, or you just fall off the budgeting wagon for a while. Don’t sweat it – it took me four years to finally wrap my head around budgeting and solidify the YNAB habit. What matters is jumping back in, and YNAB makes it easy.

By the way, over 5,000 people participated in YNAB’s live classes last month. No matter where you are in your YNAB “career”, there’s a class to help you get more use from the method and the software. Sign up for one today.