YNAB Pricing

$5 a month, or $50 a year.

You'll save an average of $200 your first month. Yeah buddy.

Oh, and after nine months the average YNABer saves more than $3,300. In terms of an investment, that’s a serious return. Also more control and less stress.

Or think of it like this: Skip Starbucks once this month, and you’ve paid for YNAB (and cut out 450 calories).

Try our free 34-day full-featured trial. No credit card info required because it’s lame when companies do that.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is YNAB still free for students?

We offer all students YNAB free for 12-months (in addition to the free 34-day trial). If you’re interested, write into student@ynab.com with proof of enrollment (Think student ID card, transcript or tuition statement, but anything that show you are currently enrolled and includes your name, the school name and the date will do!) and we’ll get you signed up!

What happens after my free year?

As a bonus, after your free year as a student, we’ll give you a one-time 10% discount off the Annual Plan. By this point, you will have saved so much money, it will be a no-brainer.

Does bank import work for non-US/Canadian banks?

Direct import currently only supports US and Canadian banks – but File-Based Import works like a charm. (It's seriously slick, you should try it.)

Is the exchange rate taken into account with the price?

YNAB is priced in US dollars. Exchange rates are not reflected in the price.

Does YNAB support multiple currencies?

You can use any number of currencies for a budget, but you can’t use multiple currencies together in a single budget.

Is this a one time charge?

No. Depending on your subscription you will be charged monthly or annually.

Do I need to buy YNAB again?

If you’re an existing YNAB user, you can of course keep using the version you have for as long as you’d like. If you’d like to use the new YNAB, you will need to purchase a subscription.

Is there a discount for existing users?

Yes! Sign up with the email you purchased YNAB 4 with, and a 10% lifetime discount will automatically be applied to your account if you subscribe to an annual plan.

Can I keep using the previous version of YNAB?

Absolutely. You can grab a copy here.

How do I switch to the new YNAB?

Update to the latest version of YNAB 4 and select “migrate to the new YNAB” from the file menu. Steam or Mac app store user? Write in and we'll help you out.

What about (insert missing feature)?

We wanted to get the new YNAB into customer hands sooner than later, and a few features didn’t make it in for launch. Reports, search and more are coming!