A YNAB Fan Waxes Poetic (and yes, newlyweds do need a budget)

One of our beloved forum members, Treasure Chest, decided to give YNAB as a wedding gift. She enclosed the following excellent poem:

My wish for you both is marital bliss.
A long life together, sealed with a kiss.

True love & friendship is already yours;
(So do please remember to divide up the chores!)

When pondering upon what would be the best gift,
I decided it would be to give your finances a lift.

But alas, I have no big check to enclose,
To help buy you good food, music or clothes.

So instead, I give you the gift of a budget;
To help you hone skills so you won’t have to fudge it.

To plan how to save, in many various ways,
So you’ll both be quite happy in your future golden days.

So I give you the gift of Y.N.A.B.,
In hopes to give strength to your new family.

So please do accept my gift from the heart,
And when it comes in the mail, please give it a start!