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We Needed A Budget...

Early in 2003, Julie and I (Jesse) were married. Living on love was great and all, but we still required food, shelter, and textbooks for school. (Yes, we were still in school.) I knew we would need to watch what little money we had very closely. So, I began developing a system that grew into something quite useful. It really boiled down to four simple rules:

  1. We decided what we wanted our money to do before we spent it.
  2. We broke up larger, less-frequent expenses into manageable “monthly bills.”
  3. We changed our budget as needed.
  4. We only spent money that was at least thirty days “old.”

Even with our meager income, we were in control.

Living this way, and seeing how absolutely invaluable the Four Rules were, we wanted to spread the word. YNAB (“why-nab”) launched in September 2004.

Today, YNAB is driven by a small (but growing!), passionate team. We are building the best budgeting software out there. We hear reports every day of lives being changed: debt paid off, marriages saved, opportunities seized, stress eliminated and sleep…rediscovered! When you gain control of your money, you gain control of your life and it feels great.

Meet the Team

The YNAB team is a diverse group that loves our product, our customers, and working with each other—a lot. We live all over the world—from Boston to Brazil and Portland to Pakistan and everything in between—even Fresno, California. Right now, Taylor, our CTO is, well, we don’t actually know where he is, but you get the idea.

Whether we’re into musical theatre or science fiction, building drones or homesteading, riding motorcycles or long-distance running, we agree that YNAB—and its ability to change lives—is something really special.

This Is Us

East Coasters: 8
West (best) Coasters: 5
Fly Over States: 8
International: 7
Percent of continents with YNAB employees: 71%
Percent of developers with beards: 60%
Cat owners: 5
Crazy cat owners: 2
CrossFit enthusiasts: too many
Taco enthusiasts: not enough
Minimum required paid vacation days: 25
Customers who became team members: 20 (are you one?)
Turnover rate:  <1% per year
Sci-Fi nerds: 8
Theatre nerds: 5
Theatre nerds who don’t get sci-fi nerds and vice versa: 12
Protein shakes consumed daily: 11
Board games owned: 500


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