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Cancellation Policy

Last modified: December 7, 2016

We’ll cut right to the chase. We firmly believe you should only pay for things you actually want. That’s Rule One of budgeting after all.

How to Cancel

Log into YNAB and go to the My Account section. Scroll down a bit (it’s not a long page) and click the ‘Cancel your subscription’ button.  From there it’s pretty self-explanatory. Once you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be charged. Canceling your subscription does not delete your data. So if you ever decide to renew, you can log back in, uncancel your subscription, and resume budgeting.

Also, if you’d rather shoot us an email at [email protected], we can cancel your subscription for you. We’ll do it. But we can’t promise you we’ll enjoy it.

How the Trial Works

When you first sign up with YNAB, you can use it free, and fully-featured for a 34-day trial. A credit card is not required (heck, it isn’t even possible) to sign up for a trial. If, during the 34-day window, you decide that YNAB is for you, and you subscribe, we’ll charge you once your free trial ends.

How the Subscription Works

When you subscribe to YNAB, we charge your card once your free trial ends. We’ll charge your card each following year on that same date.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into YNAB, going to the My Account section, scrolling down a bit (it’s not a long page) and clicking the ‘Cancel your subscription’ button. Once you cancel your subscription, you will not be charged again. If you still have remaining time left on your subscription, you can continue using YNAB. (Wondering what happens to your budget data when you cancel? Read all about it in our Security Policy.)

An example: Jane signs up for YNAB and immediately subscribes to the annual plan. She enjoys YNAB immensely because she’s sleeping better and has more money in her bank account than ever before. However, for reasons I can’t think up as I write this, Jane decides to no longer use YNAB. Wait, yes, I know why. She stops using YNAB because she will be a TV show contestant on a new reality show for the next year where she tries to become a monk. At any rate, Jane cancels her subscription after nine months of use.

In this case, she’s no longer charged, and she has three months remaining to use YNAB. This extenuating circumstance brings us to refunds.

How Refunds Work

In the example above, Jane has a bit of an extenuating circumstance with the reality TV show. If she writes into [email protected], my guess is that one of YNAB’s crack support team members will refund her the three months.

Generally, we don’t give refunds, but we’re also generally nice and understanding people. So there’s that.

Going back to our original purpose, we try our best to make sure you only pay for things you actually want. If, after the 34-day free trial, you end up purchasing and you still don’t really use the app, (and we can tell if you don’t really use it), we can certainly be accommodating.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions about how all of this works, please write us at [email protected] We’re happy to answer any and all questions you have! Please clear up any questions before you hand us your credit card and subscribe. We want you knowing exactly what you’re buying, with all questions answered, before you pay us any of your hard-earned money. We like our money to be hard-earned as well.


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