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14 Jul 2014

Don’t Be Scared of Reality

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by Jesse Mecham

As I said, we were in Europe for two weeks and got back on Thursday. And as Christy put it so well, vacation budgeting can be quite a challenge. I (Annie) am working on frugal vacationing (a post soon to come), and I’m pretty decent at it compared to what I did in the past. But it’s just so hard to track, especially when you’re using three different currencies!

I made a budget before I left, tried to plan out my itinerary as well as I could (I really stink at it because it kills my soul), and tried to make wise purchases while I was out. At one point during the second week, however, I think I had a screw-it moment. My budget suffered the same fate as my diet which was thrown out the window during the first day or two.

I found myself making purchases that I wouldn’t have made in the first week. At that point I just figured that I was already screwed, so I might as well just have fun and worry about it when I got home. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t making extravagant purchases of crystal and gold, but it was more like extra little gifts for my kids, a second glass of wine, or a sweet treat with my espresso. (Don’t worry; I’m still cheap.)

So my husband was like, “How are we with the budget?” And I’m like, “Uh…you’re the one that wanted to go out to eat tonight. And I don’t really know. I’m kind of scared to check.”

So we have a little convo about how I suck at planning itineraries, but then he says, “Reality is never something to be afraid of; that’s something YNAB taught me.” Of course. He was absolutely right.

Later that night he downloaded our transactions and saw where we were at. My prediction was that we were $1,000 over what we budgeted for. But in reality, at that point we were projected to end our vacation at about $250 over what we budgeted for. Now don’t judge me…but that’s not too bad. We’ve had vacations where we’ve gone about 4 times more than that over. Plus, this time we had a little padding left in our overall budget for just such an occasion, so we were fine.

He was right, though – knowing reality was much better than being left in the dark. Being in the dark is scary and stressful, and it just leads to more irrational behavior. But knowing that I overspent by $250 was manageable, and it led me to more rational behavior.

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