February Podcast Roundup 2013

From big bad taxes to behavior design, February had some great podcasts! Here’s a roundup in case you need to catch up:

068 – Budgets are Sexy. An Interview with J Money – I get to interview a fellow man-cave enthusiast and personal finance blogger who writes one of my favorite money blogs: BudgetsAreSexy.com. Of course I’d like it.

069 – Managing Your Life’s Single Biggest Expense – An interview with my tax advisor, and the author of Tax Insight, Casey Murdock. He’s a tax genius, and he saved me 20k in taxes a few years ago. Case closed!

070 – I’m Saving This Money (For What?!) – Savings without purpose is savings frittered away. Make sure you’re saving with purpose!

071 – The Key to Reinventing Yourself (Bit by Bit) – I interview my favorite Behavior Designer of all time, BJ Fogg of the Standford Persuasive Technology Lab. BJ and I discuss key principles for creating lasting, positive behavior change in your life. You’ll love this.

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