Filing Your Taxes Just Got a Little Easier

Now, with the press of a button, your budget data is all yours.

W-2? 1099-MISC? 1098-E? Check, check and bingo.

Tax season has arrived and, with it, a flurry of tri-fold, self-mailers with perforated, tear-away edges—each containing a mathematical summary of your life in concisely labeled boxes. Meanwhile, accountants across the nation have warmed up their number crunchers and stocked up on extra mouse batteries.

And you? Have you located your shoebox of receipts? Is your budget information ready to go? If not, then today’s post might just make your weekend.

Now you can export your YNAB reports as comma-separated files (that means ‘spreadsheets’)—and it’s easy:

  1. Log into YNAB on your desktop computer.
  2. Click ‘Reports’ on the left-hand side of the screen, which takes you to your ‘Spending’ report. (To switch to your ‘Net Worth’ or ‘Income v. Expenses’ report, click its name at the top of the screen.)
  3. Click ‘Export’ on the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  4. Click ‘Export’, again, to download the file.

Once you’ve downloaded your data, the sky’s the limit. Make your accountant’s day with a neatly organized spreadsheet that covers all of your financial incomings and outgoings. And, if you DIY your taxes, mine your data at will!

Here’s to a hefty tax return and a profitable rest of 2018!

Got Feedback?

We’re gathering feedback and will continue improving YNAB based on popular demand, so tell us what you think! After you’ve given the export reports feature a whirl, we’d love to hear from you—write to us at [email protected]!