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Free, Live Workshops
Free, Live Workshops

Getting Started

  • Learn YNAB's 4 Rules

    Learn the Four Rules

    Get started on the right foot! Come learn about YNAB’s Four Rules which are at the heart of everything we do. With the four rules in hand, you’ll be ready to set up your budget, take control of your money and reach your financial goals.

  • Setup Your Budget

    Set Up Your Budget

    Once you understand YNAB’s Four Rules, you’re ready to get started and set up your budget! We’ll put the first two rules into action and show you how to plan for all your expenses using goals. Giving every dollar a job will be a breeze after this practical, how to workshop.

  • Roll With Your Overspending

    Roll with Your Overspending

    If you have a budget—great, you need one. But if your overspending is still out of control your budget alone cannot save you. We’ll teach you some proven strategies to beat your overspending and create better habits in the future. Bring your questions!

  • Your Budget Routine

    Your Budget Routine

    Developing a budget routine is a small investment of time that will yield big results! Join us as we learn how to build YNAB’s import features into your routine so you can stay focused on your budget.

  • Budget Smarter with Smarter Goals

    If you’ve been budgeting with YNAB for a while now, you’re most likely a pro at setting goals in the app. Or maybe you’re new to YNAB and interested in learning how you can make your budget work for you in achieving your goals. In this workshop we will share with you a new update to the goal options we have in YNAB that make them even more powerful and useful.

Debt & Credit Cards

  • Master Credit Cards With Your Budget

    Master Credit Cards with your Budget

    If your use of credit cards (and the resulting balances!) is stressing you out, we can teach you how to handle a credit card wisely in your budget and ultimately, eliminate that stress and uncertainty.

  • Credit Overspending

    Credit Card Overspending

    You’ve got a solid understanding of the YNAB method and how credit cards work, but there are times when you have to use a credit card because there isn’t enough money in the budget to cover a given expense. In this workshop, we’ll show you how to handle that exact situation and how to create a debt pay down goal to get back on track.

  • Create A Debt Paydown Plan

    Create a Debt Paydown Plan

    In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to create a debt paydown plan. We’ll review which things you should focus on first, and how to decide how much you can afford to budget toward debt.

Building Savings

  • Reach Your Savings Goals

    Reach your Savings Goals

    Curious how your savings account works with your budget?
    We’ll show you how to manage your savings account, and use the budget to save even more.

  • Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

    Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

    Ever feel like you’re paid on Friday and broke on Monday, always juggling bills for the next payday? We’ll teach you how to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and gain more financial security, stability, and flexibility than you ever thought possible.

When Money's Tight

  • Saving Money on Groceries

    Saving Money on Groceries

    Are you frustrated every month by how much you spend on food? Whether it’s Costco runs or eating out, if you don’t pay attention, food can and will eat your budget! We will discuss proven strategies for saving money on food and freeing up some extra money in your budget.

  • Cutting Spending Workshop

    Cutting Spending

    Whether you want to free up cash to pay down debt, or save for larger expenses, we’ll show you how the budget can get you there. We’ll discuss different strategies for cutting spending and reexamining your priorities. Attendees will have a chance to share ideas that have worked for them as well.

Special Uses

  • Handling Cash

    Handling Cash

    Have you been scratching your head wondering how to deal with cash in your budget? We’ll show you two simple approaches for managing cash and discuss how to decide which approach will work best for you.

  • Restart Your YNAB Budget Workshop

    Restart your YNAB Budget

    Feeling like restarting your YNAB budget? There’s no shame in that, in fact, it it’s a great opportunity to reprioritize. We will dig into the benefits of starting a new budget and a couple different ways to approach starting over.

  • You Can Budget with Any Pay Cycle

    You Can Budget with Any Pay Cycle

    Whether you’re a freelancer or someone who’s paid regularly, a budget can work for you. We’ll show how to budget with any pay cycle and make it work.

  • Customize your Budget Categories

    Customize your Budget Categories

    There’s more than one way to organize a budget. In this workshop, we’ll explore some different budget layouts and help you make a budget that makes sense to you!

  • Reports for YNAB

    Tracking your spending will keep your budget up to date, but will also give you good information and provide the answers you need to manage your finances. Whether you use YNAB for personal finances or your small business (or both) this workshop will focus on how you can use YNAB’s reports and search tool to retrieve all that data.

  • Upgrading from YNAB 4

    Ready to make the switch from YNAB 4 to the web-based app? This workshop is for you! We’ll take a quick walk through the super easy migration process and point out all the new and amazing features that you now have access to! YNAB 4 is a seven year old desktop application which users downloaded to their computers. If you log in to your budget using  a browser online, you’re not using YNAB 4 and this workshop may not be for you. Luckily we have more than a dozen others for you to enjoy instead!

Small Business

  • YNAB's Four Rules for Small Business

    We know owning a small business can be a challenge. Whether you are struggling day-to-day, or doing okay and just know you can do better, YNAB’s Four Rules for Budgeting will help give you control over your small business and reduce your stress.

  • Using YNAB for Small Business

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, small business owner or just have a side hustle (or two), this workshop will show you how you can use YNAB to take total control of your small business’ money.


What are the workshops like?

  • Personal


    Get practical, hands-on instruction, alongside just a dozen or so other aspiring budgeters.

  • Focused


    Designed around targeted subject matter, you can dive in wherever makes the most sense for you.

  • Interactive


    Ask live questions and interact directly with an expert teacher, invested in your success.

  • Quick


    No need for a huge time commitment. Gain an understanding in just 20 minutes.

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