Haven't Attended a Live YNAB Class Lately? That's Just Crazy

Alright, so you guys liked both of last week’s posts that looked at getting more out of YNAB (Wednesday’s post about transitioning from expense tracking to real budgeting and Friday’s about using hashtags in your transaction memos).

Yes, those posts were a little slice of Budget Nerd Heaven, but here’s the deal – you don’t want to be getting that information from me. I might offer up the occasional budgeting gold nugget and spark a little discussion, but if you’re looking for the real meat and potatoes of how to YNAB, you need to take advantage of our live classes.

I got this email over the weekend:

Hi Mark!
I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the budget reviews and I think they’ve been very helpful to me. I think the most insightful was the expense tracking versus the budgeting comparison. I had one of those “a-ha” moments and realized that this is what I’ve been doing despite using YNAB for a long time.

I thought the blog post was really good. Perhaps it might be extremely helpful if there was a live class that was related to the topic? I feel like it needs some more exploration and a deeper dive. Is it possible that we can have that added to the roster of classes?


Great news – we already have that class. Transitioning from expense tracking to real budgeting requires adjustments to your workflow and your decision-making process. Our pro YNAB teachers handle both those subjects in the live class called Making Your Budget Work.

Check out the class outline:

See? The class covers all the key budgeting bases. And take note – the teachers give away free copies of the software in every session. If you’ve already purchased, you can save a friend or family member’s financial life with the software. If you haven’t purchased yet, you might get YNAB free.

If I were you I’d have three concerns about attending a live YNAB class:

  1. What if it’s long?
  2. What if it’s boring?
  3. What if it’s long and boring?

Here’s why the classes aren’t boring and don’t feel long:

The teachers are pros.

Erin, Lee, and Malisa started teaching YNAB after a combined decades of experience as educators. Ronna’s a grad student headed for a career as a college professor. And Dave…okay I don’t actually know Dave’s professional background, but I know he brings dry British humor (sorry, humour) to the webinar chat window. Not sure what else you could ask for.

The classes are visually appealing.

You’re expecting boring PowerPoint slides. Not here. Just like everything else YNAB does, the presentation slides are beautiful and useful.

Check out these two from our Variable Income class:

The classes are interactive.

You have questions; the teachers have answers. In nearly every class we have a primary instructor and an assistant. The instructor shares key concepts, occasionally taking breaks to answer attendees’ questions. Because our classes have become so popular, we’ve added the assistant instructor to answer questions in real time in the live chat window. In other words, you’re not going to walk away confused.

The classes are available for download.

You may sign up for a live class with the best intentions, then life gets in the way and you miss the session. I’d recommend signing up again and attending a live session (there’s just something about having your questions answered live), but we do keep class recordings, and if you can’t make a live class the teachers will point you to a download link.

The live classes are one of YNAB’s best sales tools.

A high percentage of class attendees haven’t purchased YNAB yet, and a surprising percentage of them buy the software immediately after attending the class. That wouldn’t be happening if a) the classes were boring, and b) the teachers were “hard-selling” the software. A boring hard-sell wouldn’t produce converts, and our stats tell us these classes are converting people to the YNAB way.

If you’re wondering why I’m pushing the live classes so hard (informercial style, even), it’s because I’ve had major lightbulb moments as an attendee (before and since joining the company). The live classes are a fantastic tool for helping you extract full benefit from the Four Rules and the software, so sign up for one today.

If you’ve a lightbulb moment in a YNAB live class, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.