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13 Dec 2010

Help Us Tell the Real YNAB Story

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by Jesse Mecham

I know you guys have ‘em: Success stories!

Many of you have already written to me and posted on the forums, excitedly telling us how YNAB has helped you. And now I’d like to ask you to help us by sharing your story with us in an even bigger way!

For sharing your story with us, I’d like to give away a Macbook Air…

And three iPads.

And two $100 Amazon gift cards.

We’ll talk about the Prizes, then work backward

Our favorite success story will win a Macbook Air. The three runners-up will receive iPads. That’s right, runners-up get iPads.

(Your success story will be voted on internally by the YNAB Team–Ian, Erin, Steve, Anne, Andrea, Sebastian, Taylor and Jesse).

And just for submitting a success story, you’ll be randomly entered to win one of two $100 Amazon gift cards.

What We Need from You

(1) A great success story telling us how YNAB helped you pay off debt, save a lot of money, or otherwise improved your life! We won’t be judging them solely on the numbers. You get points for style, tenacity, turnarounds, persistence, dogged determination, creativity…etc.

Our questionnaire will provide you with some questions to get the juices flowing, but this is your success story so we want to hear from you.

(2) Some nice, high-resolution pictures (three or four) of you, with friends, or with family, etc. We’ll want to put these pictures on the website (see an example here) so others can be inspired by you and your success. (People are hugely motivated to see that real people have done what they’re trying to do!)

(3) This probably goes without saying, but by submitting your success story and pictures, you’re giving us permission to use the story and pictures in marketing material, which may or may not include your picture plastered across a blimp as it hovers over the Super Bowl.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. The story needs to be true.


Success Story submissions will be due by midnight, December 31st, 2010 Friday, January 7th, 2011. Click the button just below to get started:

Submit Your Story

(January 14, 2011): The competition is now closed for new submissions. We’re working through the 20 finalists.

We welcome (and love) your comments below, but remember: To enter the contest, you need to click the big red “Submit your story” button above!

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