How Budgeting Helped Us Stop Stressing, Reach Our Goals (& Increase Our Net Worth By 102%)

Meet Tyler and Melissa. They love budgeting and here's why:

Tyler, 29, a network engineer, and Melissa, 26, a retail associate, living in Atlanta, GA, always felt like they were pretty responsible when it came to money.

They split their money across four different bank accounts: Rent and Utilities, Vacation, Spending, and Savings. They were saving (some), and they (mostly) knew what they could spend, except when it got stressful and uncertain and they weren’t sure they’d have enough left to cover the rest. So, yeah, it wasn’t really working.

After serving with the Air Force for eight years (four in Germany!), it was time for Tyler to find a civilian job. The young couple had lots and lots of questions and zero answers. It was all uncertainty, all the time.

Turns Out, They Love Budgeting…

When they found YNAB it was like a huge sigh of relief, it gave them certainty about something: “YNAB helped us understand exactly how long the money we’d saved would sustain us before we absolutely needed to have paychecks rolling in again. We saw its potential to change our future and we’ve been addicted every since.”

In the last year and a half, they’ve gone on several vacations (paid in cash!), funded an unexpected ER visit, while continuing to fund all their other categories. In fact, they’ve increased their net worth by 102%.

We asked Tyler and Melissa to articulate what made them so successful managing their money with YNAB:

Stability Makes Life Easier & More Fun

“YNAB has made life so much easier. Without it would be stressed, and spending money on things we didn’t really need or care about, without even realizing it. Now we have money set aside for unexpected medical expenses, job loss, car repairs and vacation—we don’t have to worry—plus we are intentional about spending money on things we’ve deemed important, which is so much more satisfying.”

Progress Is Addicting

“Once we learned the program, it was so easy to stick with YNAB, because right away, we started seeing category balances rising, and goals being met. We knew it was working.”

Not Fighting About Money > Fighting About Money

“Since Tyler and I both have “Spending Money” categories, neither of us need to feel guilty or bitter. We can spend our own money, and not have to think twice about it. Since starting YNAB, we generally don’t stress about money. Either the money is there for a purchase and we spend the money, or it isn’t, and we save for it or don’t buy it. It takes all the questions, personal priorities, and need to argue about it.”

The Devil (And The Results!) Are In The Details

“With YNAB, we have to be specific and intentional about every, single dollar. That awareness and specificity provides control—and much more specific results.”

Reaching Goals Leads To Bigger Goals

“Our initial goals were to have three months of living expenses saved up, as well as all our categories buffered by one month. After we met those goals, we set new goals: saving for a down payment and a few big vacations, like New Zealand!”

Being In Control Of Your Money Is Life-Changing

“It takes a little bit of effort, but really, it’s as simple as following the Four Rules and prioritizing your spending. And it’s changed our lives!”