How To Prepare Financially For The Holidays

The holidays are coming.

The way I see it, once you hit October, things start speeding up and it’s a little bit of a wild ride until New Years.

So, here we are, in October. You have to start thinking about what you’ve set aside for the holidays. Think about more travel, more food, teacher gifts, donations, parties, family gifts, decorations… all of it.

Just Doing Less Is A Viable Option

You can just say, we just don’t have the money this year. We are going to do less and spend less. That is a viable option. I actually think that is a really great idea. If you don’t have the money, don’t spend it. At least entertain that idea.

A Lot Can Be Saved In Three Months

Or you can still try to save the money. So you have three months to scrape that money together. I know this is mind-blowing advice but you just put aside every little bit that you can. Look at it from both sides, where can you save more and spend less to  hit your Christmas goal.

You Decide What Christmas Means To You

People will say, “But I don’t know how much we are going to spend?” Well, yes, you do. You just decide how much you can spend. And that is what you spend. This is not like a car repair where you don’t know how much it will cost. You decide how much the holidays will cost.

If it’s a lot or a little, you’ve made the decision. And if you don’t make that decision, you’ve made the decision to ignore it. Either way, you’re making a decision. So you decide what you’re going to spend.

Credit Cards Do Not Make The Season Bright

The only thing that’s not allowed, absolutely not allowed, is to ruin the merriness of Christmas and all the holidays and the joy and the family time and the memories by doing a credit card. That is not allowed. You’ll feel guilty and overwhelmed, and you’ll pay for it—literally—for months to come. There’s nothing merry about that.

I wish I could just wave my hand and everyone’s Christmas categories were full but I can’t do that yet. That feature is forthcoming. 🙂


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