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YNAB vs. Mint

YNAB is Laser-Focused on Having You MANAGE Your Money.
Not Set it and Forget It. Because That Doesn’t Work.

What Does YNAB Do That Mint Doesn’t?

Mint does “budgeting.” YNAB does budgeting that works.

Our Method is the key. Everything about the YNAB software and apps supports helping you budget well. But not the kind of “budgeting” you’re used to (diet, suffocation, suffering and prison come to mind?). It isn’t about all the things you can’t have, it’s about being proactive about putting your money toward the things that matter most.

We’ll help you set up a flexible plan for breaking the paycheck to paycheck cycle, getting out of debt, and saving more money. It will change how you think about your money—forever. Speaking of change…

YNAB Changes People’s Lives

YNAB users are paying off their debt, building emergency funds, and investing for their future. Read their success stories (a link to Mint’s success stories is still pending) and you’ll discover exactly how YNAB changed their lives.

If you have a friend or family member that uses YNAB, ask them and they’ll tell you why they love it. If you have a friend or family member that uses Mint, ask them how their finances have improved since using it. You’ll see the difference. 😉

YNAB Has Amazing, Personal Customer Support

We have a dedicated support team, that genuinely care about your success. This isn’t just tech support (although we’re quite good at that, too!), these are coaches and teachers who will work with you, to help change your relationship to your money. The goal is total control and they help people get there everyday.

In fact, teaching is kind of our thing. We have a weekly podcast, video series and post to our blog nearly every day of the week. It’s even funny sometimes!

We also offer free, online classes every single day of the week. When you are ready to dive in, Erin, Jim, Dave, Lee and Sherri are ready to teach you.

YNAB has a Vibrant, Über-friendly Community.

We aren’t exactly sure why, but our users tend to be some of the best people on the Internet. And we love it. If you have a situation-specific question that needs answering, you can get a fast and friendly answer on our Forum, our Facebook page, our sub-Reddit or one of the many fan groups that have popped up on Facebook and beyond.

Riveted? Want to know even more? Here’s further explanation on how YNAB is to Mint as Minority Report is to CSI

What does Mint Do, that YNAB Doesn’t?

Mint pushes financial products on you, then gets a kickback

Mint is “free”, but you pay for the service by being bombarded with ads for brokerages, life insurance, credit cards, and bank accounts—it never stops. Since Intuit (the makers of Quicken) purchased Mint, the ad intensity has only increased. 🙁 We want you to simplify your finances: pay off your debt, CLOSE those credit card accounts, and avoid having four checking accounts and eight savings accounts just to make a few inconsequential dollars of extra interest. Keep things simple, and resist the ads Mint pushes on you 24/7!

Mint handles your 401k, mortgage, vehicle value (you need to track that?!), stock investments, etc…YNAB keeps things simple.

YNAB knows if you handle your cash flow—the basic ins and outs—the rest of your money takes care of itself. Really. When you follow the YNAB Method, you can accelerate your debt pay-down strategy, and have more to invest and save.

As far as the mortgage goes, once your debt is paid off, and you have a bit of an emergency fund in place, why not just pay more on it? A larger payment means less interest. You don’t need a complicated mortgage amortization schedule to tell you that’s a good idea.

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