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We’re always looking for more ways to expose more people to the life-changing magic of YNAB! Students, potential affiliates, and possible partners—we’re looking at you!

YNAB College Program

It's True! YNAB Is Free For Students!

Why? Because we hate student debt as much as the next guy, maybe even a little bit more. And between books, tuition, and stockpiles of ramen, you’re probably looking at some debt and all the stress that goes with it.

We can teach you how to be in total control of your money (even if you don’t have much right now, in which case, it’s even more important!), and give you the tools you need to reduce your dependency on debt now. (Not to mention helping help you pay it off lightning-fast once you graduate!)

What are you waiting for? Claim your free year of YNAB today!

Affiliate Program

Love YNAB? You’re in good company! Do you have an audience who you think might also love YNAB? We should talk! Our affiliate program is one way for us to help you, help us, while also helping you and helping more people benefit from YNAB. Win-win-win!

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When we say, “You Need A Budget,” we aren’t kidding. We truly believe that everyone needs a budget. If your organization, company, school, club, and/or cause has like-minded goals or you think your constituents are particularly primed to benefit from YNAB—let’s talk!

Email us at [email protected] with questions, suggestions, pitches, and introductions!