Pat yourself on the back - you're already doing great things for your finances.

Yesterday’s post helped you decide where you want to be financially as you reach milestone ages(30, 40, 50, 60). A YNABer named Casey had this to say on Facebook:

“I really like this. “Should” is almost guaranteed to make people feel like failures because, let’s face it, we can be doing everything “right on track” and life can get in the way. How about a post titled “What am I doing RIGHT, right now?” to follow up?”

Great idea, Casey. It’s crucial to celebrate our wins and acknowledge the progress we’re already making in our finances.

It reminds me of an upbeat thread in the YNAB forum called “What did you do to improve your finances today?

I stole a few gems from the most recent posts on the thread:

“Saved $40/mo (including all the taxes and fees) by porting my landline to Google Voice and forwarding the calls to our cell phones.”

“Saved ~$70/mo by switching car insurance – the coverage is identical but I went from a big company who did not feel they had to offer me any better plans until I told them I was leaving for a smaller company who actually wants to compete for my business.”

“Called my internet provider and negotiated our bill from $38 to $25.”

“[W]e have managed to stay under our income for the past 2 months and we have paid off almost R38 000 in debt, paid off 2 cards and reduced our total interest for the full snowball by more than R30 000 over the next 28 months. I’m proud of that!”

You might have debt (I do), feel “behind” on your retirement savings (I am), and wish you had more in your discretionary categories (don’t we all).

But you’re already taking steps to get control of your money and make progress. Celebrate the progress, and remember that good habits pay a compounding return. Enjoy today’s little wins, then start piling them into big victories.