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Web Release Notes: February 26, 2019

Release Notes

  • When we import transactions from your bank, the “payee” field undergoes a fair amount of processing. First, we have to clean it up from its raw form, then we apply your payee renaming rules. We show the fully processed payee (i.e. cleansed and renamed) in the register. If you mouse over that, the tooltip will show you the cleansed version. And if you really want to see the original payee as provided by your bank, you can follow the “bank import details” link at the bottom of the payees dropdown, and there, in all its unrefined glory, you’ll find your “Sale AMZN Mktp US*MI5DF8ZV1” payee.
  • We fixed the currency ISO code for the current Azerbaijan Manat (its 3rd incarnation, if you’re counting). We originally had it as AZM, but everyone knows it’s supposed to be AZN as of the beginning of 2006. Apologies to beloved Azerbaijani and Turkmen YNABers, and thanks for gently correcting us.