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Web Release Notes: March 14, 2019

Release Notes

  • In rare cases, the columns on the account register that cannot be resized (checkbox, flag, cleared) could become smaller than they should be. Once they got out of whack, there was no way to resize them back to the size should be. They are now at the correct size no matter what you do.
  • When you first start YNAB, we will helpfully start pointing you to certain parts of the budget screen and instructing you how to budget and move money around. But as it turns out, if you collapsed Category Groups before these instructions appear, we had no idea where to point you and would end up pointing these instructions to places that didn’t make sense. It was an especially embarrassing mistake for us because if you were seeing these instructions, you were likely new to YNAB. I’m relieved to tell you that we have wiped the proverbial egg from our face and have fixed the issue.