Rudder Run Aground, but You Need A Budget to the Rescue as an Alternative

In the world of personal finance software, those once on board with Rudder will be happy to know financial help can still be found in the arms of You Need a Budget. With Rudder having closed its doors on November 3rd, many of it’s users may feel stranded. No doubt they are searching for a new program to offer them easy assistance in money management. Although several programs offer a seamless transition from the Rudder system to theirs, we welcome Rudder refugees with open arms (and an entirely new way of approaching your finances).

Rudder worked hard to simplify and streamline financial activity. However its greatest weakness was that it didn’t allow the user to add input or make changes beyond the initial set-up phase. Users became a spectator of their money. We’re all about making users pro-active and highly aware of their actual financial situation, and then giving them the tools to make positive change.

Where Rudder notified the user of their account activity and balance, We force users to stop living under the impression that, because there’s money in the account, there must be money to spend. As part of our four rule methodology—the bedrock of YNAB—users create categories under the first and foremost rule of “give every dollar a job.” As a result, real numbers are used, awareness is raised, and a clear financial status is given.

Rudder users will also enjoy the community feel over here. An email a day may (or may not) have been informative through the Rudder system, but YNAB’s forum of active users is truly enlightening. YNAB Newbies and proven gurus alike, roam the pages of the forum, answering questions, discussing personal budgeting tips, and rejoicing in one another’s success stories. Rudder users will instantly be taken with and taken into a new financial family of people working towards the same kinds of goals.

If Rudder wanted to give users financial direction, we offer that, plus a map, a full tank of gas, and a personalized police escort. In order to educate users, YNAB gives continuous online classes, instructing users on it’s software, budgeting, and smart financial practices in general. The best part is, they’re free, even for people who haven’t bought the program.

We are not just about the software. We’re about raising awareness, providing tools, and supplying ongoing support for those determined enough to change their financial lives for the better. Most people know what direction they’d like to go with their finances; they just don’t know how to get there. You Need a Budget serves up the vision, the tools, and the power. With this financial software, Rudder users will notice a sense of control they didn’t know they lacked. They’ll realize just how good it feels to be at the helm on the good ship.