Spending Trends is Back, with a Whole Slew of Other Improvements & Fixes

We’re about to push out another free minor (that term is used loosely here) update to YNAB 4. If you haven’t yet upgraded from YNAB 3, you can do that here at the usual discount.

At any rate, here’s what’s coming very soon (if it hasn’t already based on what I’m hearing from our developers!).

Little did we know how much you guys liked the spending trends in YNAB 3. They’re now back in YNAB 4, but much-improved. We no longer have the issue of trend lines crossing all over each other, creating illegible masses of spaghetti. We’ve gone with the stacked bar chart that makes things much clearer on an individual category basis, while also allowing you to see the overall trend.

You can drill into a category section, and drill even further to see the list of transactions that make up that segment. That drilldown functionality is also available in the Spending by Category and Spending by Payee reports.

I made you guys a quick video to highlight the new addition to the Reports Family:

Report Settings are Now Saved Between Runs

You know how you have that one category that always need to exclude from your report? Or how you’re always wanting to see Last Month’s report, and keep having to change the date filter? Now your report settings are saved from one start of YNAB to the next. We thought you’d like that. (We’ve enjoyed the change internally as well).


We’ve also continued to polish and refine the app in ways you’d likely only notice if they weren’t right. Ian (rodeoclown on the forums) sent me a list of 25 improvements, a few of which I’ve highlighted below (the rest can be found in this release’s notes when you install the update.

  • Changed keyboard shortcuts to make more sense: Ctrl/Cmd+R for reports. Ctrl/Cmd+T for All Accounts.
  • Adding a new transaction to a register now scrolls to show the added transaction.
  • You can now clear transactions by hitting ‘c’ while editing (but not when a text field has focus).
  • Category names in QIF exports now match the QIF spec.
  • Date filter settings are now per-report instead of being shared.

Ian also sent me a list of 36 fixes where one of the line items was “several other bug fixes”, so we’re at 36+ on the fix count.

The Quality Assurance Gauntlet

Why did this build take longer than most? We now have Vesna, our resident QA expert that keeps us on our toes 🙂 Thanks to Vesna for helping us squash a lot of bugs!