Swiper! No swiping!

I’ve become acutely aware of how often I swipe my credit card. The physical action of swiping my card (or watching a cashier do it) stings just a little.

Days fall into two categories: days with swipes and days without. Days without swipes feel like a win, days with swipes – not a win.

Normal? I don’t know. You tell me if you’ve ever felt the sting of the swipe.

Healthy? Maybe a little. I know budgeting isn’t about NOT spending – it’s about spending in line with your values and goals. I can’t be the only new budgeter who’s first step toward wise spending is drastically reduced spending.

Maybe aversion to the card swipe is getting caught up in minutia, but maybe it qualifies as life-improving structural change.

In any case, swipe sting has – more than once – caused me to skip the burger and fries for a swipe-free peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I’ll take all the wins I can get.

Image © NickJr. and Viacom International