The Gift That Money Can't Buy

This Christmas, give your wallet a break. Try this, instead ...

The countdown is on. Christmas is just around the corner, and that means holiday parties, secret Santa gift swaps, traveling to visit loved ones and, of course, the big day, itself. It’s a time for making merry and making memories. And, if you’re not watching your budget, it can make you broke.

That’s why, this year, we’re suggesting that you put your wallet back in your pocket, at least for a bit, and join us in a holiday-themed, December challenge:

Create a New (Free!) Tradition

Sure, money can buy you happiness. No argument, there. But it’s true—the best things in life really are free, and that’s the point of this challenge! To find a special something that you can do every year, starting this year, to add more light and laughter to your holidays.

If you’re single, maybe you’d enjoy snuggling up under your tree to read a great book or watch a special movie. If you have a bigger group, why not trade ‘grateful fors’? Have everyone write down the top three things that they’re grateful for from this year. Then go around the room and share your memories.

If you’d prefer something active, how about an annual holiday hike, run or bike ride? You could take a walk through a neighborhood with spectacular Christmas lights, or donate your time to a local charity.

Whatever you choose, the only requirement is that it’s free (or very low-cost) and that you pick an activity or ritual that inspires the most smiles or has the most meaning for your crew.

Join the Challenge!

This Christmas, give your wallet a break, and join us in starting a fun and free holiday tradition. Share on social under the hashtag #thebesttraditionsarefree, so we can see what you come up with. We can’t wait to hear all about it!