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This is what the future holds, but if you’d rather see what we’ve launched in the past, check out our release notes.

Up Next With YNAB
Up Next With YNAB

In Progress Upgraded Payee Cleansing

We moved payee cleansing in-house last year to improve the payee names for your imported transactions. We’re not done yet though! You can expect a few tweaks that will make this even better.

In Progress Zapier Integration

Hot on the heels of our API release, we’re opening up YNAB to Zapier integrations. Start thinking of the automation opportunities now.

Released Passcode Authentication

We’re adding passcode authentication to our mobile apps, and we’re hoping you’ll love this feature once you’re able to get your hands on it and take a look.

Released Collapsing Split Transactions

Why bother waiting for Spring if you can do a little cleaning now? Soon you’ll be able to collapse split transactions in your accounts down to a single row.

Released Transaction Efficiencies

Working with transactions is one of the most common tasks in YNAB, and we feel like we have all sorts of places to make that smoother and simpler.

Released Android Onboarding

Helping the next generation of Android YNABers get started on the right foot.

Released In-App Learning Materials

We have great learning resources but we think we can do a better job surfacing them in the mobile apps. Now it’ll be easier to get help right when you need it most.