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Up Next

This is what the future holds, but if you’d rather see what we’ve launched in the past, check out our release notes.

Android Navigation Improvements

In Progress

We’ve identified a few areas where navigation in the Android app could be a bit more intuitive. Moving around the app is going to be easier and more predictable as a result.

Mobile Onboarding

In Progress

Big improvements to setting up your YNAB account on a mobile device. We’re helping the next wave of YNABers start off on the right foot.

iOS 11 and iPhone X UI Embiggening


Have a shiny new iPhone X? Soon you can say goodbye to those black bars at the top and bottom of the screen!

Direct Import Improvements

In Progress

We have a variety of improvements planned for Bank Import: More in-app help options so you won’t need to talk with us to get a simple fix, making it easier to add accounts and connections, and much more visibility into system status.

Efficiency Improvements


A few effort-reducing features are on their way. Making existing transactions recurring is already released. Next, we’re working on zeroing out budget categories, jumping to transactions from linked information, creating new categories from the register, and more!


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