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Up Next

This is what the future holds, but if you’d rather see what we’ve launched in the past, check out our release notes.

Direct Import Improvements

In Progress

We’re working with an additional Direct Import provider to improve connection reliability. We’re also making it easier to see the status of bank connections at a glance.

Performance Improvements


We’re working on performance improvements across the web app. Everything is going to be quicker/zippier/snappier—especially the register.

Web Niceties


We’re adding inline calculations to the inflow and outflow fields of the account register on the web and improving the discoverability of inline math for all. We’re also working on a new look for the category group header in the budget (and yes, the ability to move your credit cards again). 

​​Improved Transaction Entry

In Progress

​​Never to be outdone, the transaction entry feature on Android is getting updated to match the iOS app. Get ready to say goodbye to the two-step transaction process and hello to sweet, sweet efficiency.

Mobile Budgeting Refinements


We’re working on a visual refresh of the budget keypad and it makes room for doing math with budgeted amounts. Add and subtract to your heart’s content! 

Mobile Onboarding


Big improvements to setting up your YNAB account on a mobile device. We’re helping the next wave of YNABers start off on the right foot.


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