YNAB 4: All Accounts View

What?! There’s a new version of YNAB coming? Yes. It’s YNAB 4, and it’s awesome. If you missed the announcement, you can catch it here. We talk about pricing, availability, etc.

YNAB 4 lets you view all of your accounts in one register:

When you’re in that view, you can see all schedule transactions from all accounts in one place. You’ll also notice that we drop the running balance column (if you have that turned on) and add an Account column:

Searching across All Accounts is obviously where this feature really shines.

Guided by the smart dropdown…how much does our sample budget show was spent in Groceries, at Walmart so far this year?

My search query would look like this:

Category: Food: Groceries, Payee: Walmart, After: 01/01/12

The window area of the footer gives me my answer:

The All Accounts view will be handy when filing your taxes, or building a case against your teenage son’s desire to empty the food pantry. We’re certain you’ll come up with other great use cases for it as well.

Oh, and when you File -> Export, you can elect to just export the current view of your register, so in my case because of my search, I’d get a nice CSV that looked like this:

Hand that to your accountant! They love spreadsheets and things like that.

That’s just one more thing that makes YNAB 4 our best YNAB ever.