YNAB 4: Mobile App Status for iPhone & Android

5:06 PM MDT July 4 >> The Lite version has moved to “In Review”

3:07 PM MDT, July 3 >> Forgot to update here that I wrote a fresh post on our status.

10:23 PM MDT, June 30th >> Still “Waiting for Review” for the iPhone and iPhone Lite version.

10:15 AM MDT, June 29th >> Still no word from Apple. We’re really sorry about this. We should have probably pushed off the whole YNAB 4 launch until we had the app approve and in hand.

The Android version received an update last night to fix a few stability issues we found surrounding setting up for Cloud Sync. So far that build seems to be looking pretty good! We are excited to start working feature parity for Android 🙂

8:45 AM MDT, June 28th >> I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry. Taylor’s writing some desktop code to hopefully make the transition from having the current iPhone app with lots of unsynced transactions a seamless one when you DO finally get to use YNAB 4 with the new iPhone app. Still no word from Apple. Not even “in review” yet.

In other, better news, Android’s been in the wild for about 12 hours and is behaving fairly well. We noticed an issue with users running 2.1 and we hope to get that fix pushed out today.

3:28 PM MDT, June 27th >> Still no word from Apple. *sigh* However, on the Android front, we just hit “Publish” so it should be getting put in to Google Play any moment now… if you like the changes, please do leave a great review! (If you have something bad happen, please let us fix it before you leave your review ;))

10:45 AM MDT, June 27th >> We submitted some videos of us demoing Cloud Sync to Apple. We’re now back “Waiting for Review”. It didn’t require us submit a new binary, which means we did not go to the back of the line.

With Android, we tested it late last night and ran into another show-stopping bug. We hope to have it fixed today, and to get it published. We are sorry for the delay and should have done a better job anticipating these last-minute delays.

9:24 PM MDT, June 26th >> iPhone: the Lite app was rejected. They’re asking us to send a video demoing how it works with YNAB. Wish they would have attended the webinar…

We found some more showstoppers with Android. The push will definitely not happen today.

7:34 PM MDT, June 26th >> iPhone: the Lite app is now “In Review”! The main app was rejected because we had copy in our description saying we would give a moneyback guarantee. That copy has now been removed and it’s back “Waiting for Review.” We contacted Apple to ask if that sent us to the back of the line (Please no…) and haven’t heard back yet. We’re hoping it didn’t.

For Android, I’m just about to test a build that should hopefully fix the issues we experienced with our test release last night.

9:12 AM MDT, June 26th >> iPhone: no word yet. Still “Waiting for Review”. We did a small test launch last night and found a showstopper for the Android. A fix will take several hours, and we’ll hopefully release it before the end of today. We’re sorry these mobile platforms are giving us a bit of a snag, but we’ll get things right and in your hands as soon as possible (or able, considering the iPhone situation).

We are about 14-15 hours away from switching the site over for YNAB 4 to be unleashed to the world.

And Apple still has not reviewed YNAB for iPhone v. 2. This version is waiting for approval and is the one that will let you use Cloud Sync with YNAB 4. The version that’s currently in the App Store, that you probably already have installed on your iPhone, will not work with YNAB 4. Not even wi-fi syncing.

Let me repeat that: your current version of the iPhone app will not work with YNAB 4.

YNAB 4 will Cloud Sync great with other desktops, and with the updated Android app. (Update: We’ll be publishing the Android update soon)

We will let you know as soon as the iPhone app is available.

We are hoping and praying that Apple will approve us here soon. We’ve been in the queue for longer than what they say is normally required to pass their inspection.

As soon as your iPhone app is upgraded, it will connect with any budgets that you set up as part of working with the brand new YNAB 4.

We’ll update this post, and will also be posting to our Facebook page and Twitter feed to let you know that status of things. Heck, we’ll probably send out another email blast if that’s what it takes.

We’re sad and sorry you can’t watch the magic happen with your iPhone app and Cloud Sync just yet.