How This 18-Year-Old Started to Budget

I received a fantastic email from Sharon, a great mom (wow, upside down, right?) that managed to get her 18-year old son to start budgeting. Notice how she didn’t demand the world of him…just let the budget show him what could happen…

Our 18 year old son has a full-time job. I told him he needed to learn to budget his money so he could start saving to purchase a home. He wanted noting to do with budgeting. I think the word “budget” scared him. He told me I could be his personal money manager. I was using YNAB to budget his money for him. Well one payday I was not home and he wanted his money budgeted right then and there. I talked him through YNAB over the telephone and since then he has been doing YNAB on his own. He learned how easy it was to give every dollar a job.

Before we had him start using YNAB his checkbook balance would always be around $10. Now that he uses YNAB, his balance is always over $700. I am glad I found YNAB, thank you for such a great program.

Updated: Sharon has her own business up and running, which you may want to check out as well.