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25 Mar 2014

YNAB is Now Free for College Students

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by Jesse Mecham

The headline basically says it all.

We’re fighting free with free.  I was given a free t-shirt when I signed up for my first Visa credit card while in college (charged a mattress on it, forgot about the payment, paid it off, and cut it up in disgust—the card, not the mattress).

More kids are graduating from college absolutely weighed down by student debt. I don’t know what portion of their debt is avoidable, but I’m confident that if those students were following YNAB’s Four Rules, they would graduate with less debt.

Starting today, if you’re a college student (even only part-time), we’ll let you use YNAB for free for one year while you’re in school.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. You are a student.
  2. Email [email protected] with proof of your student-hood. (Think student ID card, transcript or tuition statement, but anything that shows you are currently enrolled and includes your name, the school name and the date will do!)
  3. We’ll set up you up with a free year of YNAB!

Answers to a Few Questions

I am a high school student, grad student, international student, and/or part-time student—do I qualify?

Sure thing! A student is a student is a student!

What if I’ve been part of the YNAB Student Program in the past?

If you are still in school, you can sign up for the new program and get the new YNAB free for 12 months (in addition to the 34-day free trial)!

At the end of your free year as a student, we’ll give you a one-time 10% discount on the Annual Plan.

What qualifies as “proof” of student-hood?

A document issued by your school that shows you’re currently enrolled–including your name, the school name, and the date. Think student ID card, transcript, or tuition statement.

Are you still offering YNAB 4 for free?

We are no longer offering YNAB 4 free to students, but if you want to continue using YNAB 4, you can purchase the program via the in-app purchase button.

If I’m still a student at the end of my free year, can I get another free year?

No. But you’ll get a one-time 10% discount on the Annual Plan, and by this point, YNAB will have saved you so much money, it’ll be a no-brainer.

What’s the catch? What’s in it for YNAB?

YNAB continues to grow like crazy—almost entirely from word of mouth. We think having a bunch of super-savvy, money-smart, socially-active, recent college graduates—hooked on following YNAB’s Four Rules—will only increase that word of mouth. Plus, we really hate student loan debt, and if we can help students graduate with less debt and pay it off quickly, that alone would be a win.

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